Operation of motorbike Landing Gear

The GLX landing gear is an electric motor combined with a gearbox.

The motor and decelerator are integrated into the rotating part of the landing gear, and it is a self-driving system without additional devices.

The GLX uses over 60 precision aluminium alloy parts and a self-developed gearbox. Therefore, we only use bolts, nuts and bearings as ready-to-use products.

The reduction system, the heart of the GLX.

This high-performance engine has a speed of over 16,000 rpm and a gear reduction ratio of over 500 times, which is impossible to achieve with a lambda decelerator.

On the general reduction gear, it becomes no-load state when motor stops. And the motor lose stop function by external action.However, the GLX reduction system has a self-locking function which never works if the motor does not rotate. Therefore, even if the power supply is interrupted when the landing gear is operated, it can always maintain its position.

The best safety equipment.

The GLX control system is a device that can stably control a powerful DC motor. The inside of the control is able to instantaneously control the current up to 200A or more.

The GLX has built-in auto-fuse, which can be repeatedly used even if the fuse is cut off from overload. It recovers the control system after 10 seconds it notice the malfunctions.

The writing of the GLX landing gear is configured by simply connecting the jacks. The connection between the landing gear and the control box is made by connecting the 3-pin (2+1) type jacks of a male and female connectors.

Also, connect the writing by checking only the direction of the terminal without separating left and right. Battery and switch connections are also simple to connect via the jack.

By adding a secondary cover to the connector, it can double-protect the detachment of the connector. It often exposed on rain, so we excluded an electronic circuits which is vulnerable to moisture.

State light of power.

The GLX Landing Control System has a function to display the power-on state and to display the landing gear motion.

Red LED: Power

N ° 1, 8 : Landing

N ° 2, 7 : Landing Done

N ° 3, 6 : Lifting

N ° 4, 5 : Lifting done

Control the landing position, Limit sensor

GLX has developed our own sensor for stable control of the system.

We developed a limit sensor that was impossible to replace with any existing parts. By adding the sensitivity control function, it is possible to precisely control the landing position which is changed by the type and speed of the bike.

There is a built-in length adjustment function that allows you to adjust the height even if the seat position changes depending on the bike type or the person’s height.

Self-cushioning function is located on the wheels to absorb shock in landing gear. So it can absorb the impact of the road surface coming from the wheel effectively. In addition, by applying automobile tire components, it can withstand a long term using.

Switch operation

The GLX uses a manual switch that operates only when the switch is pressed to prevent malfunctions during operation. Therefore, if the switch is pressed incorrectly during operation, it will operate only when it is pressed to prevent accidents caused by malfunction of the landing gear.