Technical features

Landing gear for motorbike


It resembles the shape of a falcon snatching the food by descend sharply..

  • Adjust landing gear length depending on the user or motorcycle.
  • Increase the motor rotatory power over 500 times by self developed reduction gear.
  • The landing gear has solid, shock-absorbing tyres, an automatic fuse to prevent motor overload, and a one-touch or manual switch.


Developed a sensor for stable control of the landing gear.

Control the landing position from the motorcycle type, individual characteristic, or riding speed by using the limit sensor.


auto fuse

Auto fuse can be used repeatedly even if the fuse is broken from the overload.

It revives automatically. If the auto fuse is protruded about 10 mm, press it back into place after 10 seconds.



Control a powerful DC motor stably with this control box.

Motorcycle battery voltage has to be maintained more than 12V. Control box can control a current more than momentary 200A.



A rubber buffer between inside of a main housing and middle frame. It minimizes an external shock from the road.

Solid tire has a great duration, so it can bear from the long term using.



Direct machining an aluminium alloys to make each components. Speedy and detailed manufacture by control the extra axis.

Optimized for various brackets with many curved surface and complex designs.

reduction gear

Reduction gear has over 16,000 rpm and a reduction ratio over 500 times, which is impossible with a normal decelerator.

On the general reduction gear, it becomes no-load state when motor stops. And the motor lose stop function by external action.

But we have a self-locking function which never works if the motor does not rotate. If the power supply is interrupted when the landing gear is operated, it can always maintain its position.

landing gear

available motorcycle

If your motorcycle model is not listed in the list below please contact us.

Voici les comptabilités du train d’atterrissage pour moto GLX-FC209



Goldwing 1800

Goldwing 1500



Road Glide

Road King

Ultra Limited

Street Glide

logo de BMW



K 1600 GTL
R 1250 GS

logo de indian motorcycle - train d'atterrissage pour moto







Length Landing Max : 365 mm

Length Landing Min : 385 mm

Lifting : 220 mm

Weight : 11,5 kg


This data is only for the reduction gear.


Max 413 Nm

Aver 302 Nm

Min 206 Nm


Max 183 kg

Aver 134 kg

Min 92 kg

  • Can be installed on every type of motorcycle.
  • The motorcycles used on this document are not related with GLK.
  • The images used on this document may be different from the actual landing gear.
  • The components could changed depending on the design modification.